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REVERSEE is an additional LED reverse light upgrade that can easily fit to your car. Full fitting kit included with your REVERSEE.

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REVERSEE is an additional LED reverse light upgrade that can easily fit to your car. REVERSEE Kits are supplied with everything you need to fit to your car and can easily be colour coded to your vehicle if required.

Kit Includes

  • Cable ties, sticky pads
  • Electric T tap connectors / terminals
  • Rubber grommet
  • Number plate screws / cap

Tools Required

  • Philips screwdriver
  • 12 volt test light / multimeter
  • 7mm drill bit
  • Pliers / terminal crimping tool

7 reviews for REVERSEE

  1. Peter Dunham

    I own a Renault Master van and have in the past struggled to safely reverse due to poor lighting. After having a REVERSEE fitted it has transformed my reversing experience so much so I am looking forward to the dark nights.

  2. Mr S Hayter

    I fitted the REVERSEE on a Sunday morning and it took me around an hour and a half. Easy to follow instructions made fitting pretty straightforward. It looked OK when on in my garage but I could not wait to use it for real. That night I used the car and could not wait to try the REVERSEE out. O.M.G to say the least. What a transformation. The brightness is one thing but the spread of light is fantastic meaning I could use my side mirrors as if it was daytime. I would urge anyone to try a REVERSEE.

  3. C.R

    We have painted our REVERSEE using a paint can from Halfords. Took just over an hour to fit once painted and dry. I am so pleased with it I am going to buy another kit for my work van.

  4. I Fairbairn

    Highly recommend a REVERSEE, the difference is like night and day.
    Volvo V70 2012

  5. B Reed

    I have a reverse camera fitted to the rear of my Skoda and my Wife bought me a REVERSEE as a Birthday present. I had my doubts as the reverse camera works well but boy was I wrong! The extra light REVERSEE gives means the camera sees further and the bonus is even in pitch black darkness the camera sees in colour, this kit is amazing.

  6. Derek Sim

    I cannot recommend this ‘Almost invisible’ easy to fit upgrade highly enough. What a difference it makes to reversing out at the start of my 04:45 commute to work. I’ve ordered one for my wife’s Fiesta also. This is a massive improvement over the inadequate stock lamps fitted as standard. Derek Sim.

  7. Chris B (verified owner)

    OMG what a great light and so easy to fit, I have a Ford focus 2020 plate and only has one reverse light this has made it so much easier to reverse and looks great.

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